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TExTOUR’s path to community connection

The TExTOUR Newsletter is back: join us in the heart of cities and communities committed to sustainable tourism. What's happening in our journey? Discover the latest updates and get ready to make a difference! In the upcoming newsletter, we'll unveil compelling stories of communities transforming tourism, along with valuable tips on how you can contribute to a more responsible world of travel. Don't miss this opportunity for inspiration and change.


TExTOUR’s bountiful autumn

Our adventure in the world of sustainable tourism continues. TExTOUR’s pilots are facing the challenges and collecting the rewards of engaging their local communities in the process of building a sustainable business and cultural development plan for their territories. In this newsletter you will explore the possibilities offered by digital technologies, learn about our last meetings and workshops, discover the last video- interviews of our “Meet TExTOUR” series, and know more in depth the heritage of some of our pilots. Enjoy!