TExTOUR Infopack Road to digital cultural tourism

PDF — 1.38 MB — 09 May 2024

This document supports the digitizations of territories for tourism promotion.


Infopack Umgebindeland: road to border region cultural tourism development

PDF — 1.46 MB — 16 Apr 2024

This document supports the implementation of a joint tourist strategy between border countries.


TExTOUR business model canvas

GUIDELINES - PDF — 207.75 KB — 15 Feb 2024

This document supports the design and implementation of a sustainable cultural tourism action. It helps identify the involved players, resources, beneficiaries, costs, communication channels, and revenue streams. A section is dedicated to the sustainability of the action focusing on its environmental, economic, social, and cultural impacts on the territory


TExTOUR Guidelines for cultural tourism development ppt

GUIDELINES - PPTX — 4.27 MB — 05 Jul 2023

The power point of the webinar about TExTOUR guidelines for cultural tourism development. A summary of the most important points of the original document, and a handful vademecum of the seven-step methodology.


Co-developed Cultural Tourism: Seven-step guideline

GUIDELINES - PDF — 4.48 MB — 05 Jul 2023

A step-by-step guide through TExTOUR methodology for cultural tourism development. Following the seven steps of the guide is possible to replicate TExTOUR strategy tailoring it to different territories and heritage.


Policy Recommendations by Horizon2020 Sustainable Cultural Tourism Projects

GUIDELINES - PDF — 567.90 KB — 06 Jun 2023

This report is the direct result of the policy workshop of 5 July 2022 in Lisbon and Brussels’ round table of 11 October 2022, organized by DG RTD and REA and involving six research projects on cultural tourism funded under the recent Horizon 2020 calls. The report contains the main findings and outcomes regarding three main areas: (i) EU Policy and Europeanization, (ii) Research and Innovation, and (iii) Sustainability and Infrastructure.