D7.5 Communication kit

DELIVERABLES - PDF — 2.29 MB — 18 Jan 2023

This paper describes the communication materials delivered during the first seven months of the project, which have been bundled into the “TExTOUR Communication kit”. The first chapter introduces the current document and explains how it fits within the other deliverables produced as part of WP7 – Communication and Dissemination to date. Chapter 4 presents in detail the materials included in the kit. It provides background information as to their rationale and the modality of distribution envisaged. The project partners who have contributed to the development of these materials and their role are specified too.


D7.4 Website and social media

DELIVERABLES - PDF — 1.98 MB — 18 Jan 2023

This TExTOUR deliverable reports on the first steps of the development of the project’s visual identity and on the setup of the first online channels of the project. At the date of the Deliverable the project has a LinkedIn company page, a Twitter account and a landing page, which was substituted by the official project website at M5. The present deliverable also shows the structure of the project’s website.


D7.1 Communication and Dissemination plan

DELIVERABLES - PDF — 1.72 MB — 18 Jan 2023

TExTOUR’s Communication and Dissemination Plan (C&D Plan) aims at outlining the project’s C&D strategy and at explaining how this strategy will be implemented to reach different stakeholder groups through the use of a mix of tools and channels. The C&D strategy will be designed and implemented to increase awareness, stimulate acceptance and foster uptake among the different project’s communities. The C&D strategy will set the basis to embed and support, with an integrated and circular approach, the exploitation activities taking place during the project to foster uptake and replication of the project’s results.


Sustainable Cultural Tourism Strategy and Promotion: An ICT Management Platform

PUBLICATIONS - PDF — 520.53 KB — 13 Dec 2022

The work presented in this paper is part of the TExTOUR project, which brings together partners from the quintuple social innovation helix (knowledge, business, society, government, and entrepreneurs) to co-design, validate, and scale up policies and strategies that have a positive impact on socio-economic territorial development based on cultural tourism. TExTOUR collaborates with eight Cultural Tourism Pilots in lesser-known destinations to develop collaborative work methodologies for developing CT strategies for local sites, utilizing ICTs and social innovation tools. The Cultural Tourism Labs assist stakeholders in putting CT ad hoc strategies and action plans into action, monitoring them, and validating them. As a result, a technological platform (ICT tool) is presented in this paper, with its components outlined.


TExTOUR Action Cards for cultural tourism


The Action Cards are tools to inspire innovative cultural tourism practices showcasing different heritage-based tourism types experiences.


TExTOUR leaflet


The leaflet illustrates the main areas of action of the project, the pilots involved, the expected impacts and contact informations.