TExTOUR’s first eight months travel across sustainable tourism

Published on 06 Sep 2021

Welcome to TExTOUR's first newsletter. TExTOUR is a EU funded project, and its journey started eight months ago, with 18 partners and 8 pilot sites ready to redesign cultural tourism in Europe and beyond.

Dear readers,

I welcome you to this communication space in the framework of the TExTOUR project, a pioneering work in the field of cultural tourism based on the co-design of sustainable solutions in unique territories in Europe and beyond.

During the last eight months, we began our journey into this unique project developing several works thanks to the efforts of our multicultural consortium of 18 partners. The kick-off meeting we held was as special as the exceptional moments we experienced as a partnership, forcing us to get to know each other virtually. This fact, far from limiting us, has encouraged us to move forward with a firm step in our purpose of helping unique places, enhancing their resources, and the communities that are part of them.

We fruitfully exploited our experience from other European projects, applying this knowledge to our pilots scenarios, also planning an evaluation and measurement system that will allow us to know the impact of the implemented actions. The use of ICT’s is fundamental for us: it is the technology that will highlight the strategic lines and measurements we are working on. We have an exciting road ahead of us: the challenge of strengthen the European identity through an organic and coordinated strategy.

I bid you farewell inviting you dear readers to participate in this Newsletter, every six months we will tell you our progress, keep you informed on our events, and show you the evolution of our project.

Welcome to TExTOUR!

Daniel Basulto
Fundación Santa María la Real
Project coordinator

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