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The Spring of TExTOUR: a flourishing of opportunities

Published on 04 May 2023

It is Spring time, and so many new opportunities have flourished for our project TExTOUR. Read about them in our last newsletter and follow us so you do not miss anything.

Dear readers,

One of the most beautiful things about travelling is meeting new friends and sharing our journey with them.
This is why TExTOUR launched its call for replicators, to share what we learned so far about co-creation, community involvement, and sustainable tourism actions. Each of the replicators was paired with one of the already existing TExTOUR pilots, who will guide them through the co-creation process and sustainable tourism development.

While the new replication strategy begins, our pilots keep working hard to implement their sustainable tourism actions and strengthen their connections with the local communities and public authorities.

The pivotal role of technology in sustainable tourism development is becoming increasingly apparent. From virtual reality and e-museum to ICT fostering social innovation and cultural tourism development in lesser-known localities.

Finally, the efforts of TExTOUR’s partners have been rewarded also by national and international prizes. Such as the AR&PA international award for innovation applied to cultural heritage, and the Innovation Contest Tourism 2022.

We hope that you are enjoying this travel as much as we do, and that you are going to follow us until the end.

Let’s rethink cultural tourism together, in Europe and beyond.
Have a good reading,

Lucía Delenikas Ifantidis
Fundación Santa María la Real
TExTOUR Project Manager

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