Press releases − 09 Apr 2024

Fikardou e-platform: from Medieval Heritage to the digital era

How can access to a remote village's timeless heritage be ensured to everybody? Fikardou’s answer was the creation of an online platform where virtual visitors from all over the world can see a digital reproduction of the village and learn about its history, tradition, culture and heritage

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DREInsichten on tour: photo exhibition opens for the 3rd time

Three countries times three houses - that's nine different house stories: Zittau-based photographer Rafael Sampedro has portrayed people who live or work in Umgebindehouses, who accommodate guests or are in the process of saving a house. He expresses the variety of uses and the special features of the building style. Above all, however, the relationship between the people and their houses becomes tangible. We get an idea of the power of this folk architecture: the heart of the house beats in the warm log cabin - the soul of the border triangle is given space in the Umgebindehouse.


TExTOUR’s path to community connection

The TExTOUR Newsletter is back: join us in the heart of cities and communities committed to sustainable tourism. What's happening in our journey? Discover the latest updates and get ready to make a difference! In the upcoming newsletter, we'll unveil compelling stories of communities transforming tourism, along with valuable tips on how you can contribute to a more responsible world of travel. Don't miss this opportunity for inspiration and change.