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From dreams to reality: TExTOUR’s journey in sustainable tourism

In September 2024, the TExTOUR project will end. In these years, we learned, experimented, and created innovative solutions to find a sustainable path for cultural tourism development in remote areas in Europe and beyond. Let’s see how we did.

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Reinventing tourism facing Russian boycott: Narva on the edge

Bordering Russia, Narva is an Estonian city of some 50,000 inhabitants in the extreme northeast of the country. Lying halfway between Tallinn and Saint Petersburg, it historically relied on strong ties with Russia. Yet, since the annexation of Crimea and especially the invasion of Ukraine, Russians have snubbed it, thus dealing a severe blow to the city's economy. Recently stressed by a conference on cultural management, targeting Western visitors and increasing the attractiveness of its region are now the main priorities to revive Narva’s tourist sector.