TExTOUR: a shared strategy for sustainable cultural tourism development

Published on 19 Jun 2024

This special issue of TExTOUR's newsletter is dedicated to the project's methodology and all the associated resources available for free on our website. Feel free to watch our videos, PageFlow, and webinars. To read our articles and scientific papers, and to download our templates and documents. Let's rethink cultural tourism together!

Dear readers,

In our journey across Europe and beyond to valorise cultural heritage, we experimented with different paths, learned many lessons, and met new fellow travellers.

Now that our project is approaching its end, we would like to share with you all our precious baggage of knowledge, hoping that it will help you in your own travel.

You are reading a special issue of our newsletter, dedicated to the TExTOUR approach to co-develop cultural tourism strategy development. It features all the resources that TExTOUR created so far, which are all freely available on our website.

Our methods propose operational tools, such as an adapted version of the Business Model Canva, to integrate social and technological innovation into cultural tourism actions in an inclusive way.

You will find PowerPoint, papers, articles, business model format, and much more. If you are interested in developing cultural tourism strategies in your area do not hesitate to get in touch and spread the word by sharing this newsletter with your fellow travellers.

Let’s keep rethinking cultural tourism in Europe and beyond!


Dr. Claudia De Luca, Junior Assistant Professor of the Department of Architecture, University of Bologna, Italy

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