Rethinking Cultural Tourism in Europe and beyond

TExTOUR is an EU-funded project which co-designs pioneering and sustainable cultural tourism strategies to improve deprived areas in Europe and beyond.

Our goal? To integrate cultural heritage, tourism activities and local communities – sustainably. The result? A greener environment, a healthier economy and happier people.


Eight diverse and complementary “cultural tourism” areas will allow us to test a wide range of scenarios: inland and coastal, rural and urban, and remote.


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Virtual Diving in the Mediterranean Ancient Cultures

Combine 3D reconstruction, serious gaming technologies and intriguing digital storytelling and the result is a new way to access and enjoy underwater archaeological sites, even if you are not a scuba diver. Fabio Bruno, professor of Virtual and Augmented Reality at the University of Calabria in Italy, cofounder and President of 3dresearch, a spin-off company specialized in digital technologies for cultural heritage, explains this innovative approach and its advantages to improve access and learning about ancient cultures.

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An example of heritage digitalisation can be found in the Walk of the Calanchi in Appignano🇮🇹. Within the @ruritage project, the village designed a new path to visit the old town and the surrounding gullies & a multimedia backstory. Learn more👉


RT @drural_eu: Do not miss tomorrow's webinar and discover all about the Open Call for Complex providers subscription! ⏰10 AM - 12 PM (CET…


RT @UNWTO: Tourism SMEs need support to become more digital. That's the core of the Marrakesh Call to Action launched at the 117 UNWTO Exe…