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The four pillars of sustainability as foundation for cultural tourism and remote areas development

Published on 14 Jul 2023

A new scientific paper links sustainable cultural tourism with inclusive and sustainable development embracing the four pillars of sustainability.

How can sustainable cultural tourism support inclusive and sustainable development in remote and peripheral areas? The answer is in the recently published paper by Ottaviani et al. “Adapting Methods and Tools for Participatory Heritage-Based Tourism Planning to Embrace the Four Pillars of Sustainability”. According to the authors, participatory processes alone are not sufficient to ensure sustainable cultural tourism planning. Instead, cultural tourism must embrace the four pillars of sustainable development: focusing on economic, cultural, environmental, and social sustainability.

Ottaviani et al. propose a specific participatory methodology for cultural tourism developed and tested in eight case studies across Europe and beyond in the frame of the EU project TExTOUR.

The methodology and tools presented are based on three replicable steps that aim to enhance cultural tourism in a sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and innovative way. The paper describes three activities specifically designed for participatory workshops: the co-mapping exercise, the Action Co-creation, and an adapted Business Model Canvas.

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