The Côa Park Foundation has a new way to visit the Côa Valley: an electro-solar boat

Published on 28 Sep 2021

Built with sustainable materials and powered by solar energy, the new boat is ready to bring you along unique landscape of the Côa River

This is a new way to explore and enjoy the Côa Valley natural heritage in a way that is socioeconomically and environmentally sustainable.

Visitors can navigate along 4 km of the Côa River, between the Canada to Inferno docks and the Fariseu site. They can discover the fauna of the valley, the nesting sites of the migratory birds, the native riparian flora, the agricultural mosaic including almond, olive and wine, known as the Mediterranean crop trilogy, and the vernacular architectures of dovecotes and watermills.

The whole experience is accompanied by a tasting of the region’s wines and dried fruits.

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