An alternative way to enjoy your summer: #MyRuralHoliday

Published on 01 Jul 2022

Summer has begun. So did TExTOUR and dRural joint social media campaign #MyRuralHoliday.

Where are you going to spend your summer holidays this year?

Some people prefer to visit cities, other to relax and sunbath at the sea. But there is also a variety of less known form of tourism. For example, have you considered spending your holidays in a rural place?

Even though rural areas represent about half of the European territory, they are usually not considered in mainstream tourism planning. Those areas tend to be less valued and visited, despite being a wonderful option for those who want to discover new places during their holidays while having a few days of relax, far away from stress of cities, jobs, and everyday life.

On July the 1st, TExTOUR and its sister project dRural are launching the campaign: #MyRuralHoliday.

The aim of this campaign is to share the beauties of rural places and help people discovering less known localities, such as beautiful countryside, small towns that are not on the main touristic routes and other remote places. Choosing a rural place for your summer holiday is also a way to support sustainable tourism and local economies, creating benefits for all those who are involved in the process.

Taking part in this campaign is very easy: just take a picture, or more than one, of the beautiful rural place you chose for your holiday and post it on your social media account (Twitter, LinkedIn of Facebook) using the hashtag #MyRuralHoliday.

Let’s help people discovering the beauty of sustainable tourism. And enjoy your rural holydays!

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