Tasting heritage: Small Gastronomy School event highlights local food’s story

Published on 11 Dec 2023

The Workshop of the Small Gastronomy School, held on November 18th, was an engaging and informative event within the framework of the TExTOUR project. The event involved more than 20 young individuals alongside 3 local food producers at the welcoming Kisin estate in the rural area of Trebinje.

The primary objective of this event was to promote traditional and ecological practices in local food production, imparting knowledge of local culinary traditions to the students of Trebinje, while introducing new approaches to preparing and presenting locally sourced food. The workshop commenced with a dedicated introduction to sustainable tourism and the importance of preserving local food heritage, demonstrating how food tells the story of its origin.

The discussions covered topics on gastronomy, its relationship with tourism, and why local food offers the finest gastronomic delights. Experts in the gastronomy and tourism sectors shared valuable insights about traditional products such as cheeses, beans, and Herzegovinian honey, sharing their experiences in production and within the tourism context.

Subsequently, participants were divided into 4 groups and created 4 different menus based on local food, ranging from traditional dishes to more innovative proposals. Creativity and innovation flourished during the dish preparation.

A special working group will write all the recipes that will be used for a small booklet of recipes, and in addition to the recipes, the workshop will also bring concrete proposals for the introduction of new trends in the tourist offer of Trebinje and Herzegovina.

The climax was a shared lunch, where participants had the opportunity to taste the dishes they had prepared themselves.

The enthusiasm of the participants, mainly young individuals and students, was tangible, expressing the desire for the Small Gastronomy School to continue organizing similar workshops in the future.

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