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Sustainable Cultural Tourism is just 7 steps away

Published on 30 Apr 2024

Within TExTOUR project, we developed a successful strategy for sustainable cultural tourism development, but we do not want to keep it for ourselves. To be sure that the project’s heritage of methodology, good practices and lessons learnt lives beyond the end of TExTOUR, we produced several training materials for those who want to implement our methodology.

“Guidelines for cultural tourism development” is a 15-minute webinar that explains our methodology quickly and clearly. Dorotea Ottaviani explains the guidelines developed by the University of Bologna thanks to the experience of TExTOUR’s eight pilots.

The webinar introduces the concepts of action plans and milestones at the very beginning, and then it is divided into 7 sections, one for each of the steps of TExTOUR’s methodology:

  1. Establish a community of stakeholders
  2. Identify local strengths and heritage resources
  3. Establish an action plan
  4. Define a sustainable business model
  5. Follow-up and self-evaluate
  6. Define a final action plan
  7. Implement activities

More resources to replicate our methodology are freely available on TExTOUR’s website, and on our YouTube channel.

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