RURITAGE’s modern troubadour

Published on 08 Jun 2022

A book collecting stories, interviews and experiences from six different rural territories in Europe showing how natural and cultural heritages can help rural communities' development.

Stories shapes our world. Stories tell us who we are and who we’re going to be. Storytelling is the art of sharing these stories, using the tool of narrative to communicate and engage with an audience.

RURITAGE’s travelling voices is a book born to tell stories of rural regeneration from the six RURITAGE’s replicators territories: Norway, Germany, Slovenia- Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Turkey.

30 stories were collected by a modern troubadour, Tóth Gyula Gábor, and illustrated by Livia Hasenstaub in a virtual travel across Europe. This book tells different stories from different territories, all connected by the fil rouge of the use of natural and cultural heritages as drivers for rural regeneration.

Are you ready to learn about enchanted forests, discover the connections between those who leave and those who stay, discover true treasures, being involved in plots of crime and punishment and much more?

Then embark yourself on this travel across European cultural heritage. The “travelling voices” book can be downloaded for free form RURITAGE’s website.

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