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A very quick recipe based on Narva’s ancient fishing traditions

Published on 14 Jun 2023

Lampreys are a very rare species of cartilaginous, jawless fish. However, in the Narva region, Estonia, lampreys have been fished since prehistoric times.

There are not so many rivers over the world where lamprey lives, but the Narva River is one of them. Lamprey is caught with a cone-shaped metal or plastic gear, known in Estonian as torbik, usually during autumn.

Usually, there are two kinds of people, those who love lamprey, and those who are afraid to even look at it. Indeed, the lamprey looks more like a worm or a snake than like a fish, but if it’s cooked in the right way, the taste will be excellent. Lamprey on soft cream is a delicacy that can be found in many restaurants in Narva.



marinated lamprey (in Estonia, lampreys are canned in a marinating broth)




It is very simple. Just take your marinated lamprey out of the can, make a good sandwich and take a good schnapps. Enjoy!

This recipe is a contribution from Narva to #Cook4Heritage, an initiative launched by TExTOUR on the occasion of Sustainable Gastronomy Day to highlight the profound connection between sustainable gastronomy, local recipes and ingredients, and the rich tapestry of cultural diversity found across the globe.

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