Narva’s public engagement activity

Published on 01 Sep 2021

Engaging stakeholders and local community groups through an organized discussion and an excursion to the Pilot area of Kreenholm Factory.

A public engagement activity has been carried out in Narva, aiming to involve local groups of young people, aged from 16 to 23, into the future of the area and its development. The main goals of the event were:

  • To familiarize stakeholders and local community groups with the project aims, activities and expected results and also with the Pilot area.
  • To get feedback from the participants about their vision on the cultural tourism development in the Pilot area.

First, a questionnaire was carried out to find out which activities could be organized at Kreenholm, how the youngsters can be involved in bringing the territory of Kreenholm to life and what should be done to open Kreenholm to locals and tourists.

The second stage involved a guided excursion at Kreenholm for young people to become familiar with the area. Some of the young people have never been there as Kreenholm Factory is a private area, and visitors are not allowed except for cultural tours, sports events, and guided excursions. During the excursion, the organized discussion took place, and we received the feedback from the participants about their vision of the future of this area and their thoughts on cultural tourism development.

The results of the questionnaire show that young people see the area of Kreenholm complex as a space full of potential, particularly for events like concerts, workshops, fashion and performances.

The fact that the complex is isolated from the nearby towns make it a good spot for concerts and night events, but at the same time it needs a better light system. The construction of a museum, and the opportunity to convert some of the empty buildings into shops and offices were proposed as well.

The most recurrent answer to the question about how the territory of Kreenholm may be opened for locals and tourists is that it has to be make safer. The young people involved in the survey also pointed out the need to involve schools in organising and disseminating activities in the Kreenholm area.

The young people seems to be willingly to be directly involved in the requalification of the area, the most part of them saying that they will be happy to volunteer at the events, take care of the gardening, organising events and spaces for young people.

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