Meet TExTOUR in Trebinje: World Tourism Day event

Published on 30 Mar 2022

On September 27th 2021, for the World Tourism Day, the Center for Spatial Resarch in collaboration with Museum of Herzegovina organised an event on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.

The “Meet the Textour: Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Tourism and Communities Development” event took place in Trebinje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, that is one of TExTOUR’s pilot sites.

The main goal of the event was to introduce the principles of sustainable and community-centred cultural tourism development and discuss those principles with the local stakeholders. The event aimed to reinforce cross-border cooperation in the cultural tourism sector through shared experience and discussion with TExTOUR project partners from Croatia (PLACA from Dubrovnik) and Montenegro (KANA from Podgorica).

The event brought together more than 20 local stakeholders involved in the tourism and cultural sector of Trebinje sharing their hope and enthusiasm for embarking together in this journey towards sustainable tourism development through innovation, collective wisdom and collaboration that go beyond administrative borders.

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