Meet TExTOUR: Jaanus Mikk

Published on 02 Nov 2023

As part of our ongoing "Meet TExTOUR" interviews, we introduce Jaanus from Narva Gate, a key player in the redevelopment of the historic industrial site, Kreenholm. In this interview, Jaanus will explain the history and future prospects of Kreenholm.

Kreenholm has been an iconic industrial site for Estonia.  While modern industry may no longer find a home within its historic walls, Kreenholm’s future is envisioned as a post-industrial site, preserving its cultural significance.
Kreenholm’s peripheric location presented challenges to breathe new life into the site.
The team at Narva Gate has attracted tourists through cultural tourism initiatives, demonstrating that culture has become a lifeline for this site.

Jaanus acknowledges the role of TExTOUR project in Kreenholm’s revival. Through TExTOUR’s extensive network, Kreenholm gains access to valuable knowledge from other sites across Europe, fostering collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing. 

Kreenholm, with its rich history and innovative approach to post-industrial revitalization, is an example of how culture can breathe new life into historic spaces. 

If you are curious to learn more about the project and its players, don’t miss any of Meet TExTOUR interviews series: you can find them on our YouTube channel.

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