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Meet TExTOUR: Hanna Szemző

Published on 11 Jul 2022

Meet TExTOUR is a series of interviews to present the people involved in the project, their role, expertises and passions. To always remember that behind ideas, progress and new solutions for a sustainable future there is people's commitment.

Let’s continue our tour behind the scene of TExTOUR meeting another person working on this project.

Hanna Szemző is a sociologist and one of the managing director of the Metropolitan Research Institute in Budapest. In TExTOUR, Hanna leads the stakeholder engagement and data collection.

In this video interview she will explain how to engage citizens, local communities and authorities in designing plans for sustainable tourism development. She will also show us why data collection is so important for the success of a project like TExTOUR.

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Have a nice trip in the world of sustainable tourism!

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