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Meet TExTOUR: Dina Regalo

Published on 23 Aug 2022

Through the “meet TExTOUR” interview series we are getting to know all the people that work hard to make this project a success. A virtual tour across countries and stories, understanding how an European project works and develops.

It is time to meet another TExTOUR project’s person: Dina Regalo from Côa Parque Foundation. Dina is a guide at the Côa Valley Museum and Archaeological Park and she is also in charge for the museum management.

She works in a very special place, preserving the legacy of the humankind ancestors for the new generations. Discover Dina Regalo’s role in TExTOUR project together with the unique history of Côa Valley in this episode of meet TExTOUR.

Don’t lose any of the episodes of “meet TExTOUR”, our behind the scenes tour. Find all the past interviews on TExTOUR’s YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for the next interview and enjoy the world of sustainable cultural tourism.

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