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Discovering sustainable tourism and its opportunities in Europe and beyond

Published on 07 Jul 2021

There is a new way to explore Europe and its beauties while promoting social and economic developments of local communities. Find out how in the TExTOUR’s new video.

Europe is the world’s most visited global region, registering 51% of the international tourists’ arrival in 2019 according to the World Tourism Organization’s report. It is no surprise, thinking about the priceless European cultural heritage, the variety of unique landscapes and the great number of picturesque traditions.

The real novelty, instead, is that there is an alternative way to enjoy Europe. It is called sustainable tourism and you can learn more about it by checking the new video of TExTOUR.

TExTOUR is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It involves 17 partners from 13 countries and aims to integrate cultural heritage, tourism activities and socioeconomic development in Europe and beyond. The pioneering strategy of participatory labs has been chosen to ensure that local communities, NGO’s and public and private institutions will all be involved.

Discover the 8 pilot sites that are part of the project and have been chosen for their unique and complementary geographical and heritage characteristics. Surprisingly beautiful places such as former industrial sites, company towns, wild landscapes and unknown archaeological sites are waiting to be unveiled. 

The impacts of TExTOUR’s strategies to promote sustainable tourism and the socioeconomic development of the pilot sites will be shared through an innovative open access digital platform and will help designing a future EU action plan for cultural tourism development.

Thanks to sustainable tourism a totally new Europe can be discovered, boosting the socioeconomic development of local communities and building a healthier economy for everybody. Are you ready to explore?


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