Cyprus and Lebanon establish a cultural connection

Published on 30 Aug 2023

A joint workshop in Fikardou delves into topics such as digital heritage, diplomacy, and sustainable cultural tourism

In an important step towards strengthening cultural connections, Cyprus and Lebanon are collaborating to organize a two-day workshop focused on cultural heritage, diplomacy, and tourism.

The event will take place on September 1st and 2nd, 2023, and will be hosted in the picturesque village of Fikardou.
This partnership originates from innovative pioneering projects supported by the EU H2020 program: TΕxTOUR, IMPACTOUR, and ERA Chair MNEMOSYNE. These initiatives are committed to progressing the documentation and protection of cultural heritage, promoting sustainable cultural tourism, and developing strategic planning.

A key partnership has been established between the UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage at the Cyprus University of Technology and SME GAIA Heritage in Lebanon has been forged through the TExTOUR Project. Their joint effort aims to create a roadmap for cultural heritage and tourism cooperation between Fikardou, Cyprus, and Anfeh, Lebanon.
Under the IMPACTOUR project, Fikardou collaborates with 26 other Pilot Sites across Europe to gather vital data on visitor trends, cultural assets, infrastructure, and economic indicators. This data will contribute to the development of new tools for destination management.

Anfeh, a seaside town in Lebanon, and Fikardou, an inland village in Cyprus, exhibit resemblances as both are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. The seamless fusion of their architecture and natural environment offers a unique cultural landscape.

The upcoming two-day workshop in Fikardou aims to create a roadmap for sustainable cooperation in Digital Heritage, Cultural Diplomacy, and Cultural Tourism.
This initiative will engage different stakeholders, such as local communities and policymakers, and their rich traditions. Participants will gain insights into holistic digital heritage documentation, explore Fikardou’s cultural value as a tourist destination, and obtain hands-on experience.

The workshop is set to take place at Fikardou’s historic old school building.

For more information about the Αnfeh – Fikardou project, click here.

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