Coordination meeting among projects on sustainable cultural tourism

Published on 29 Mar 2022

Seven projects involved in developing strategies to foster sustainable cultural tourism met on the 11th of March to strengthen the projects collaboration and set strategies for the post-project life of their initiatives.

INCULTUM, SPOT, TExTOUR, BE-CULTOUR, SMARTCULTOUR, IMPACTOUR and RURITAGE. These are the seven projects that took part in the meeting chaired by prof. João Martins from NOVA School of Science and Technology (Lisbon), IMPACTOUR’s coordinator.

The seven projects address the same issue of sustainable cultural tourism development but they are at different stages of their life: some projects are close to their conclusion, while others just started. That’s why it is important to establish collaboration and synergies among these projects so that the efforts made by one of them can help the other in their progression.

During the meeting, two main points were discussed. The first one is about the creation of a joint workshop to address the topic of the post-project life of web portals. Projects’ websites become an archive of useful news, good practices and resources about the projects’ main outcomes and results but there is the risk for these platforms to be abandoned after the end of the project, resulting in the loss of important information.

The joint workshop on the real sustainability of the project’s outcome will take place on July 2022 and will be in hybrid format.

The second topic of the coordination meeting was the organisation of a policy roundtable under the aegis of the European Commission. The aim of this roundtable is to share project’s views and to seek for synergies among projects dealing with policy development in the same areas of cultural tourism. The roundtable will take place in Brussels on September 2022.

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