CARTIF wins the AR&PA international award for innovation applied to cultural heritage

Published on 15 Nov 2022

The Cultural and Natural Heritage Area of CARTIF, one of TExTOUR project partners, received the AR&PA'2022 international award for innovation applied to Cultural Heritage on the 12th of November 2022.

The Iberian Biennal of Cultural Heritage (AR&PA) is at its 13th edition. It is a social and cultural event to promote cultural tourism practices and citizen engagement. The main focus of the 2022 edition is on comprehensive management of cultural heritage.

Following the UN Agenda 2030 goals, the Iberian Biennal foster the coordination between actions of preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as citizens and communities engagement.

Digitalisation is one of the main innovations in cultural heritage management and preservation. The application of new technologies offer new tools for diagnosis, characterisation, intervention and accessibility to cultural heritage.

The Biennal hosted several activities and events, acts as a connection hub for heritage experts and as a showcase and meeting point for citizens. On the 12th of November AR&PA assigned its international award for innovation applied to Cultural Heritage to CARTIF.

CARTIF team works on the research and implementation of innovative solutions to study and disseminate cultural heritage in all its shapes. CARTIF activites focuses on development of tailored development plans for rural areas. CARTIF uses its knowledge taking part in several European projects on sustainable tourism, such as TExTOUR, SRURAL, RURITAGE and ITEHIS.

The path towards a more sustainable tourism is long and full of opportunities. And hopefully more and more people and institutions will explore it in the future.

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