A wild asparagus recipe from the wild region of Vale do Côa

Published on 16 Jun 2023

Wild asparagus is a common plant in the Côa Valley, where it has been always collected and used in traditional gastronomy.

Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus and ham: a simple recipe with an intense flavour. This is a traditional dish from the Côa Valley, Portugal.

Wild asparagus are smaller than the cultivated ones and have a special taste. They can be found among the tall grasses and older growth from the previous years. Only the young sprout of the plant is edible.




wild asparagus




Put some oil in a pan, chop the wild asparagus and stir fry them. Add eggs and ham and scramble the mix. Enjoy with some bread and a fresh drink!

This recipe is a contribution from Vale do Côa to #Cook4Heritage, an initiative launched by TExTOUR on the occasion of Sustainable Gastronomy Day to highlight the profound connection between sustainable gastronomy, local recipes and ingredients, and the rich tapestry of cultural diversity found across the globe.

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