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A roasted delicacy from the tradition of Valladolid, Spain

Published on 13 Jun 2023

Valladolid contribution to world gastronomy day is rooted in their traditional sheep farming

Since immemorial times, sheep have been the farm animals most adapted to the dry climate and extreme temperatures of the region of ‘Castilla y León’ (Spain).
It is no surprise, then, knowing that their meat is present in many traditional recipes from the region.

‘Lechazo’, lamb, is a delicacy from the province of Valladolid, Spain. Usually, it is eaten at large celebration events like weddings or Christmas meals. Local restaurants serve it on demand, and it can also be prepared at home.



lamb’s quarters (depending on people’s number)
olive oil
lettuce, onion, and tomatoes for the side salad


Preheat the oven to 170ºC., salt the lamb with fine salt and place it in a clay dish with the skin facing down.
Drizzle with olive oil and put in the oven. For each quarter of a lamb, count an hour of baking (approx.)
Throughout the process, add water every 15 minutes.
Accompany it with a good red wine from any of the five ‘certificate of origin’ addressed in Valladolid, such as ‘Ribera del Duero’ and ‘Cigales’, and with the typical ‘pan candeal’ (wheat white bread).
¡Buen Provecho! (Bon appetit!)

This recipe is a contribution from CARTIF to #Cook4Heritage, an initiative launched by TExTOUR on the occasion of Sustainable Gastronomy Day to highlight the profound connection between sustainable gastronomy, local recipes and ingredients, and the rich tapestry of cultural diversity found across the globe.

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