Past Event

SmartCulTour Final Conference

24 May 2023, 08:30-18:00
Brussels, Belgium

SmartCulTour is an EU- funded project supporting regional development in all European regions with important tangible and intangible cultural assets through sustainable cultural tourism.

After four years, the project’s final conference will be the place to highlight SmartCulTour methodologies and achievements. The main results of the project will be shared with key target audiences, experts, stakeholders, policymakers, and other interested participants.

The conference talks address the integrated approach between culture and tourism, the characteristics of urban cultural tourism and overtourism, the future of cultural tourism in rural areas, tools and methods to achieve sustainable cultural tourism goals, participatory approach to decision-making in cultural tourism policy-making. The conference will end with a plenary policy roundtable on the future of cultural tourism.

TExTOUR project is invited to speak in two sessions:

  • Tools and methods to achieve sustainable cultural tourism
  • Participatory decision- making approaches in cultural tourism policy- making

To attend the Final Conference, online registration is mandatory and can be done through the project’s website. Once registered, you will receive updates on the conference program and all the details you need.

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