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Carnival of Podence: a time to celebrate tradition and community

10-13 Feb 2024, -
Podence, Portugal

In Podence, Carnival is a social practice, that functions as a rite of passage for men into the group or status of ‘Caretos.

Extended to women and children into the tradition, it readjusted to a contemporary context in which a sense of continuity and belonging is more relevant to the community. 

On Monday night there is a theatrical play in which a group of men announces a fictional list of engaged couples, satirizing them and causing collective laughter and entertainment. 
During Shrove Tuesday, some people mask themselves as “matrafonas”, a masked character of rural carnivals, that wears old folks’ clothes. In Podence, they participate in carnival by being immune to “chocalhadas”, sparking great curiosity about their identity. 
The festivities conclude with the ritual burning of a Shrovetide figure on Tuesday afternoon, followed by the Caretos’ visitation to the homes of friends and relatives,  in an atmosphere of  conviviality and community.


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