A new route for a personalized walk around the Kreenholm area

Published on 20 Jul 2023

Within the framework of the international project TExTOUR, promoting cultural tourism in little-known regions of Europe and beyond, a thematic route around the Kreenholm area has been developed. The opening of the new route took place on July 13th.

Founded in the 19th century, the famous Kreenholm factory was one of the largest textile enterprises in Europe and Tsarist Russia from the 19th to the 20th century. A whole complex was built around Kreenholm, which is a fine example of industrial architecture.  The factory, together with the surrounding residential and utility buildings, formed a town within a town.
There was almost everything the Kreenholm workers needed: a school, hospital, maternity hospital, post office, police, prison, kindergarten, telegraph, barber shop, clubhouse, bathhouse, market, bakery, laundry, and morgue, as well as two large churches for the Krenholm workers.
“People who go to see Kreenholm want to visit the territory of the factories. It is a closed area, which you can only visit with a guided tour. Krenholm is not only factories but also other no less interesting buildings and objects. My favorite places on Kreenholm are the hospital building and the so-called garbage incinerator, although garbage was never burned there. Many of us dream about the restoration of the Old Town, but let’s not forget what we have at the moment”, commented the mayor of Narva Katri Raik.

Having scanned a QR code from the signs, placed on the route, it is possible to walk independently along the streets of Kreenholm, to listen or read the information about the most interesting objects and buildings, which will be found along the route.
Continuing the route you can look at the old and modern photos of the area, and learn more about the people whose destinies were inseparably connected with Kreenholm.
The texts were prepared by the Mayor of Narva, historian Katri Raik.
The route includes 18 sites, the length is about 3.5 km, and the walk will take about an hour. The Kreenholm Thematic Tour is available in digital format on your phone, tablet and computer, in three languages – Estonian, Russian and English, both in text and audio.


Text by: Katri Raik
Translation: Anastasia Tyazhelova, Angelina Ivanova
Editors: Madis Tuder, Silvi Seesmaa, Noora Mahmassani, Olga Smirnova, Svetlana Zaitseva
Photos: Angelina Ivanova
Old photos: Narva Museum



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