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The Beauty from Repty – a local apple from Tarnowskie Góry

The Beauty from Repty a local apple from Tarnovskie Gory

Published on 08 Jun 2023

Tarnowskie Góry celebrates world gastronomy day with a delicious apple pie made with their local apples

Apples are very popular in Poland and are used in many dishes, but here in Repty Śląskie, which is today a district of Tarnowskie Góry, Poland, there is a local apple tree known as the Beauty from Repty (#PieknazRept). The tree looks inconspicuous because it is only about a meter high. This apple tree remembers the glory days of the Donnersmarck family. It was planted at the end of the 19th century by their gardener Robert Volkmer in the palace garden. The fruits that appeared on the tree were so beautiful that he decided to call the new apple variety “Beauty from Repty”. In the 20th century, its cultivation was mainly limited to Silesia, although in the post-war period, it was also planted in Germany. Recently, the interest in old varieties has been growing, so the apple tree from Tarnowskie Góry appears more and more often in other regions of Poland.

Each year at the end of April Tarnowskie Góry organises a huge festival combined with the choice of the best dish with the Beauty of Repty. Many local restaurants take part in this prestigious competition. This year they prepared duck with apples and apple cakes. Additionally, the Tarnowskie Góry apple tree festival consisted of planting and giving away apple trees, tasting apples and juices, workshops, fair, and artistic performances.


Recipe for a delicious apple cake


1.5 kg of apples (about 6 apples)
2 cups of wheat flour – 320 g
a cube of butter – 200 g
1 medium egg
1/4 cup of sugar – 80 g
2 spoons of baking powder



First, knead the shortcrust pastry for the apple pie. In a large bowl, put together two cups of flour, one egg, 1/4 cup of sugar, a cube of butter, cut into smaller pieces, and 2 teaspoons of baking powder. Knead the dough with your hands or a mixer into a compact ball and place them in the fridge for an hour. In the meantime, peel the apples and grate them on a coarse-mesh grater. Set the bowl of grated apples aside for 20 minutes and then squeeze out the juice. You can add cinnamon.  Take the dough out of the fridge and divide it into two parts. Put a thin layer on the bottom of the sheet. Now you can put the grated apples and the second part of the dough, the best if you grate it into small pieces.  Place the form with the dough in the oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for about one hour. Finally, you can dust the cake with powdered sugar.  Enjoy your meal!

This recipe is a contribution from Tarnowskie Góry to #Cook4Heritage, an initiative launched by TExTOUR on the occasion of Sustainable Gastronomy Day to highlight the profound connection between sustainable gastronomy, local recipes and ingredients, and the rich tapestry of cultural diversity found across the globe.


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