TExTOUR’s call for replicators

Published on 24 Apr 2023

TExTOUR is an EU-funded project which co-designs pioneering and sustainable cultural tourism strategies and policies. The ultimate goal is to improve deprived areas in Europe and beyond. And now is looking for someone who wants to follow in its footsteps.

One of the most common quotes you can hear while working on any kind of research project is that “there is no need to reinvent the wheel“.
If something works well and is easy to implement, there is no need to waste time and energy to reinvent it from zero. On the contrary, a well-established methodology can be used as a step to move forwards with knowledge, innovation, and problem-solving.

TExTOUR project designed, tested, and implemented an innovative bottom-up methodology to involve local communities in a process of co-creation of innovative cultural tourism strategies. One of the crucial issues to address for an EU project is to guarantee that all the knowledge acquired doesn’t get lost when the project ends.

Among the strategies TExTOUR is implementing to pass on the baton, there is a call for replicator sites. At the core of TExTOUR project, there are its eight pilots. Eight areas located in Europe and beyond that works hard with their local communities to overcome the challenges of developing a tourism model that is also sustainable. These pilot sites learned and tested a new methodology that they are now ready to pass on.

The call was directed to a selection of cultural tourism associations and sites that could have beneficiated from TExTOUR co-creation methodology, both inside and outside Europe. Among those who answered the call, five replicator sites were selected and assigned to one of the existing pilots each.

In the next few months, the replication process will start. Stay tuned and follow TExTOUR project on LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, and the project’s website so you don’t miss any updates.

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