Meet TExTOUR: Laura Plugge

Published on 08 Jan 2024

In our latest episode of the Meet TExTOUR series, we had the pleasure of speaking with Laura Plugge from Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Fachwerkstadte.

Laura Plugge reveals the uniqueness of Umgebindeland, a transitional area spanning across Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland. The defining feature of this area is the Umbebindehaus, a special type of house that combines log house, timber-framing, and building stone construction methods.

As part of the TExTOUR initiative, innovative strides have been made to unite the three distinct countries and promote their cultural symbol, despite language barriers.
By connecting stakeholders and introducing regional products to visitors, the TExTOUR project seeks to foster a sense of community for Umbebindeland’s hidden treasures.
Umbebindeland stands as a testament to the power of cultural heritage in uniting diverse regions.

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