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Meet TExTOUR: Grzegorz Rudnicki

Published on 21 Feb 2022

Discover TExtOUR through the experiences of the people who are working to co-create it: enjoy Tarnowskie Góry in the third interview of the "Meet TExTOUR" series.

Our TExTOUR intwerview series continue with Grzegorz Rudnicki from the Tarnowskie Góry Land Lover Association, upper Silesia region, Poland. Rudnicki’s association owns the Tarnowskie Góry silver mine and the Black Trout Adit, both listed in the UNESCO world heritage site.

The Tarnowskie Góry Land Lover Association has been caring for the silver mine and the surrounding territory for more than 60 years, when Grzegorz’s grandfather generation started the first touristic underground tour before the war.

Grzegorz Rudnicki will take us by hand to explore the history and heritage of the upper Silesia region that offers more than the silver mine.

The Land Lover Association wishes to build a network between all the local association to empower each other and gaining a leading role in Polish sustainable tourism scene.

Enjoy this interview on TExTOUR YouTube channel, where you can find also the previous episodes dedicated to Daniel Basulto, the project coordinator, and to Justyna Gorgoń, the leader of the methodology group.

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