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Meet TExTOUR: Claudia De Luca

Published on 01 Aug 2022

Who is the team working behind the scenes to carry out TExTOUR project? Meet TExTOUR is a series of interview born to show the people involved in the co-creation of TExTOUR, working together to build solid strategies for a sustainable cultural tourism.

Let’s introduce Claudia De Luca, Junior Assistant Professor at Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna.

In TExTOUR, Claudia and her colleagues from Università di Bologna work on the definition of sustainable cultural tourism and its multiple dimensions: economic, cultural, environmental and many more. They support TExTOUR’s pilots in identifying these dimensions and in finding ways to integrate them in each pilot’s tourism strategy.

You can watch all the Meet TExTOUR interview series on our youtube playlist.

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