Past Event

TExTOUR meets the Ostroh community

19 Jul 2021

The meeting will take place in the Tatar Tower in Ostroh (Ukraine). The tower was built in 1461 and represented a powerful defensive structure. It is a unique example of a barbican – a fortified outpost or gateway, an outer defense of a city or castle.

To preserve the monument, in 2018 the Ostroh community reconstructed it by complementing ancient ruins with a metal frame giving the idea of the Tower’s initial appearance. Now, it is an open-air cultural space for handling events. It is known as “Cultural Barbican”.

The main aim of the event is to inform local stakeholders about the project  and discuss directions for further cooperation.


Officials of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Rivne regional state administration, Ostroh local authority, National University “Ostroh Academy”, Ostroh State Culture and Historical Reserve, Ostroh tourist information center, NGOs, SMEs

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