Past Event

International Conference on Cultural Tourism Advances

27-28 Jun 2023, 09:30-17:00
Campus Odisee Building
Warmoesberg 26 - Brussels, Belgium

On average, 40% of all European tourists choose their destination based on cultural offerings. Therefore, cultural tourism represents a huge opportunity for economic growth, local community development, and social capital enhancement. The challenge is to promote cultural tourism while keeping it sustainable, especially for small and remote areas that may be negatively affected by heavy, uncontrolled tourist fluxes.

The goal of the International Conference on Cultural Tourism Advances is to further understand the potential of cultural tourism for sustainable development. The focus will be on successful policy interventions, new cultural tourism trends, advances in visitor management systems, and new business and/or governance models.

The conference is organised by Ku Leuven, in collaboration with the European Research Executive Agency and five EU- funded projects: IMPACTOUR, SmartCulTour, SPOT, TExTOUR, INCULTUM, and Be.CULTOUR.

The conference will host both technical papers presenting recent advances in Cultural Tourism and project papers describing their major outcomes in the Cultural Tourism domain.

More information is available on the conference website.


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